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The Sauce Shop Worcester

The Sauce Shop
175 Bath Road

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Superhot Reaper


The hottest sauce in our superhot range pushes the boundries of flavour and heat: both are extremely intense yet still perfectly balanced.

Fermented Carolina Reaper chili with an intoxicating blend of Creole spices and strong mustard.

Taste: All the flavours at once: mustard, garlic, cumin, chili, pepper and pain.
Pairing: Hmm… whatever, just don’t pour it all over your burger.
Heat: It’s far too hot. Don’t do it!
Scoville (estimated): approx 500,000 Scoville. But that’s all natural heat, no extract.
Volume: 100ml

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Ingredients: Carolina Reaper Chili (50%), White wine vinegar, creole spices, sea salt, mustard powder, garlic, oregano, thyme, stabiliser: guar gum.

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Weight 290 g
Marks Hot Stuff

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