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Mr Spicy


We’re humbled and honoured to have been able to work with Mr Spicy himself, Arturo Rencricca the League Of Fire – Chilli Eating Champions legend and former European chilli eating champion.

Needless to say with a reputation like this, making a sauce to even try and match his spicyness was a feat. We think we’ve managed it though.

Bursting with fresh tangy sweetness of pineapples, you don’t feel the heat from the Carolina Reaper sneaking up on you until its too late. Then you get the blistering wallop of the 9,000,000 SHU capsaicin oleoresin.

This sauce hurts. A lot. We really wouldn’t reccomend using this product as a condiment, but more an ingredient. A little really does go a long way.

Vegetarian and Vegan friendly.

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Weight 240 g
Marks Hot Stuff

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