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Pirate Stew Spice – A Unique Blend For Meats and Fish


Legend has it that pirates in the caribbean on one of their many jaunts to find treasure came across a barrel of this mix. The enticing aroma and flavours compelled them and all they came away with on that trip were barrels of pirate stew mix. 

They used it on all the meats they slow roasted, and for miles around ships were drawn to the aroma, and from then on it was easy pickings. There is a recipe that forms the basis of a tasty vegetarian curry, but our favourite use to date is to slow cook or braise beef in a coating of this spice.

What’s yours? “the pirate stew mix was amazing. I felt like i had a mariachi band in my stomach… With maracas and everything! So happy to have had the pleasure of trying this recipe.” 

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Weight 75 g
Marks Hot Stuff

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